• Various assignments as a Bank Clerk with special reference to: documentary credits, letters of presentations, project financing, structured finance and international financing for the Balkans reconstruction.
  • Freelance Translator and Proofreader (English/Italian) within the fields of banking, finance, business and legal documents. 
  • Engaged in the translation of various texts about Italian Fascism on behalf of an American historian.
  • Occasionally engaged in translation concerning the field of medicine and surgery. 

Services provided to: 

Rosetta Translation Services London (UK).

Total Language Solutions Ltd-Exeter (UK).

Studio Kosmos-Reggio Emilia, Italy.

Studio Ghellere-London (UK).

Local companies and private clients.

Documents translated concerned, among the others, the following entities: 

Enel Group, East Kent Family Proceedings Court, Lazard Group, British Telecom, Family Division of the High Court of Justice, Westminster Diocese, Colchester County Court, Bankamericard, Rimini Tourism Board, SUNIA.